Why is the logo a dog?

Truthfully, the guy who designed the logo for Inventory Batch Tracker had a dog. We went round and round on what a “tracker” logo should look like and in the middle of being stuck…a hunting dog came to mind.

The (real) dogs name is Ghost and he’s a super timid dog who failed timid dog training twice. Ghost is a hunting dog who came from a hunting club and kennel.

This was the first transaction with a “new” breeder for the guys at the club. Ghost is great at playing “find it” and has the breeding to be an amazing hunting dog. However, he’s gun shy so he doesn’t get to play “find it” for real.

Ghost is a downtown dog who’s living a pretty good life. Partially because he’s timid he’s the perfect dog for downtown. He sticks by his people and just kind of chills out in public.

His dad has him on CBD and its helped him be more calm in general. Ghost has been known to hang out on patios with his mom and dad all day when the weather is nice.

So…our logo is a dog because they make great trackers and its Ghost’s favorite game.

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