Processor – Adding a new item/product:

As a processor of hemp you’ll probably get to a point where you add a new item to your list.

When you create an item you’re essentially adding it to the list of things you can build batches for and connect COA’s.

  1. Click on “Add Item
  2. Follow the form prompts
  3. Select the processor (you may have a secondary processor for some items. Ex: Distillate supplier) If you are a single processor then you’ll want to select your organization.
  4. Enter the name of the new item. Ex: “500mg CBD Gummies”
  5. Enter the UPC/GTIN number if you have one
  6. Click “Save” and repeat as necessary.

Item Examples:

  • CBD Gummies – 5 count
  • CBD Gummies – 30 count
  • CBD Gummies – 1 pound bag

  • Cherrywine Flower – 1 Gram
  • Cherrywine Flower – 10 oz
  • Cherrywine Flower – 1 pound
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