Growing Season – Best Practices

During the growing season you’ll want to take notes about your crop. These notes help you look back and understand when and why things happened. The notes you take will vary but there’s no such thing as a “bad note” in our system.

Below are some Best Practices:

  • What makes a good note? A “good” note is something that you can look at a year from now and understand. Better yet, if someone else can look at your note and make sense out of it you’ve got a winner. The specific details of the note are up to what you’re doing and why you’re taking a note.
  • What should I notate? First, if you ever think “I wonder if I should add this as a note?” do it. More often than you’ll want to add notes when you’re doing something that either changes the location or growing conditions of the hemp. Other instances are anything that would be important to remember later.
    • Photos of crops to show progress.
    • Inputs like fertilizer, soil treatments, or watering
    • Milestones like plants emerge from soil, flowers present, phenotype expression, and more.
    • Anything you might want to use for marketing like a sunset or your team in the field.
  • Why should I add notes? The notes you take will help you make better decisions down the line. Chances are you already have a few “gut feelings” about things on your farm. By adding them in a centralized location with time and date stamps you’ll be able to reference data rather than instinct.
  • What can’t I add as a note? Really the sky is the limit with what you can put on our system as a note. Just remember “Garbage in…garbage out” still applies. Add notes that mean something to you and help you monitor your crop to your standards.

How to add a note:

  1. Log into your Hemp Batch Tracker
  2. Under “Farmer Tasks” select “Create Note
  3. Use the data inputs available to you.
  4. Remember to hit “Save” when you’re done.

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