Farmer – Adding an “Unofficial” COA

Assuming you are testing before the harvest to monitor the THC levels in your crops you’ll have some “unofficial” COA’s. These are valuable pieces of information and you can store them on Hemp Batch Tracker.

Unofficial COA’s are for your reference only. The only COA that is passed on to the next person in the chain of custody is the Official COA with its specific menu option.

Click on “Create Note” and enter the information, Attach the “unofficial” COA to the note. This logs the COA but does not tie it to the final “Official” record and COA.

  1. Click on “Create a sample ID” under the COA menu and create a record of the sample being sent to the lab.
    • The sample ID may be provided by your lab or it may be up to you to create one. Regardless make sure the ID is unique to that particular sample. This comes in handy when you’re sending off multiple samples.
    • Click “Save” and await your lab results to come back.
  2. Click on “Create Note” and enter the information relevant to this COA.
  3. Upload the COA to through the button on the page.
  4. Click “Save” to add the unofficial COA to your records.
    • If this COA is required by state regulators as a compliance check or other means, you will want to make sure the “Required by State” box is checked. It will flag it for later reference if needed, but will not show up on your final COA records.
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