Processor – Sending in a sample for analysis

As you process hemp you’ll undoubtedly need to test it. The testing might be done for an “offical COA” for compliance or just a spot check of what you’re working with.

Regardless of what kind of sample you’re submitting for testing you’ll need to enter the data in Hemp Batch Tracker.

These instructions are the same if you’re sending a sample to a third party or state lab or your internal testing facility. These samples will ultimately be tied to your COA’s.

  1. Under the COA menu, Click “Create Sample ID
  2. Enter the information into the form. You may or may not be given the sample ID from the lab. If not please enter how you will identify the sample.
    • If your lab is not in the drop down list, please add them through the “Add Lab” tab under COA.
  3. Click “Save
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