Farmer – Entering an “Official COA”

An “Official COA” is the COA you use when you are selling your product(s) or proving compliant hemp to law enforcement. This is a COA that represents that batch and the hemp content within.

If you are doing pre-harvest tests or are doing a “spot check” of your product(s)

  1. Under the COA menu, Click “Add Official COA
  2. Select your Sample ID from the dropdown.
    • If your Sample ID is not listed you may need to go back in and add it under the “Create Sample ID” tab.
  3. Click “Browse” to add a copy of your COA.
  4. Enter the COA Create Date found on the COA
  5. Enter the values for your sample.
    • If non detect, leave blank
    • If not tested for, leave blank
  6. Click “Save
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