State Compliance Check/Visit

Depending on the state you are cultivating hemp you may or may not have periodic visits from the state. When anyone operating in an “official” capacity shows up on your property its worth documenting. That way, in a worst case scenario, you’ll have a detailed record of the visit to recall exactly what happened.

Our suggestion: Be polite and let them do their job. Chances are they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. A legal hemp facility with full documentation is a very low priority target. They’re looking for people who are flagrantly violating policies and procedures.

  1. When the person arrives on the property let them know you’ll be documenting the visit for your records. You can imagine they don’t get the warmest of receptions from some people. Its a courtesy in disclosure that gives them a “heads up” to your documenting of the visit.
  2. During the visit your documentation could include any or all of the following. The nature of the visit will dictate what might be appropriate and what might be overkill.
    • Photos – By taking photos of the plants being inspected, the equipment, or anything they may point out as a concern you can look back on them and take appropriate action.
    • Notes – If they are taking samples take note of where they were taken. Which plant? Which batch? What room did they take the sample from? If done right you’ll be able to recreate everything in the visit.
    • Post Visit – After the visit is over you may want to write your account of the visit and how it went. “Things went well and they only sampled 4 plants.” or “The visit was more focused on OSHA concerns than hemp.”
    • Documents – If you are given anything official as part of the visit you’ll want to upload a copy to Hemp Batch Tracker.
  3. Any and all of the notes you may take during the visit should go into the “Create Note” field. You can make them as a single note or take notes as you go through the visit. Either way works but we suggest putting them onto a single note for quick reference later.
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