Processor – Adding Hemp Product to your license (non-Hemp Batch Tracker Farmer)

Use these instructions when you are adding hemp that was not cultivated in your immediate network. This is pretty common for a lot of processors who are not vertically integrated.

If you are using hemp that was cultivated in your network of farms that use Hemp Batch Tracker you’ll need to use a different set of instructions.

You will be able to track the hemp to the point you entered it into your instance of Hemp Batch Tracker. If you or your customers would like to track data back to the farm level they will need to sign up for Hemp Batch Tracker Farmer licenses.

  1. Click on “Create Sample ID” under COA
  2. Enter the Sample ID from the COA you were provided by your supplier.
  3. Click “Add Official COA” to add the other details from the supplied COA.
    • Your traceability will stop at the COA level for these farmers. To get full traceability back to genetics you’ll need to have the farmer using Hemp Batch Tracker.
  4. Click “Save

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