Processor – Adding Item Batch to Item Batch:

When you are combining multiple batches together Hemp Batch Tracker allows you to combine them rather than build a new batch.

Since everyone has made cookies at some point, we’ll use that as an example. Hemp products are constantly expanding so we intentionally built the system to do a “Many to Many” relationship and save you the time and effort of rebuilding mixed batches.

For Example: If you have a batch of Cookie dough you’ll have all the batch items for that dough. You’ll have similar data for your brownie batter. When you combine the two for a cookie brownie swirl you can combine the two batches together and still have all the sub batching information.

  1. Click on “Add Item Batch to Item Batch
  2. Select the source batch. This is typically the smaller of the two batches and this is what you’re “Adding to” the other batch.
  3. Select the destination batch. This is typically the larger batch you are “Adding” other batches into.
  4. Click “Save
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