Is this Blockchain?

As of the writing of this entry; No Hemp Batch Tracker is not in blockchain. We aren’t opposed to blockchain and feel it has multiple uses in various industries. However, the data we handle on our platform doesn’t really benefit from blockchain.

One of these buds has documentation in blockchain, the other does not. Based on the material in your hand, which one has an “immutable record” that proves its hemp?

We found that while blockchain works great for non-tangible goods, like cryptocurrency, for tangible goods there are several things that can be done to circumvent digital blockchain.

For example: If you put a sensor in the back of a freight truck that measures temperature the data streaming from that device could be held in blockchain. It would show a steady temperature of 70 degrees. Looking at only the data it would be easy to say that the entire box truck was held at 70 degrees. However, in reality, someone has put a 6″ square insulated box around the sensor. The interior of that 6″ cube is a constant 70 degrees, the rest of the truck is not regulated and regularly reaches temperatures over 100 on hot days.

In that instance the blockchain is showing a false narrative of tangible goods being shipped in that truck.

If/When we are required to put our system in blockchain, we will. But until the industry requires it we’ll remain out of blockchain to provide speed and flexibility for our users.

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