Processor – Shipping your hemp products (B2B or Wholesale only)

When you ship hemp you (hopefully) are taking precautions to ensure its not seized by Law Enforcement. Hemp Batch Tracker helps with that process by providing the “story” behind your shipment and help validate it as legal hemp being transported.

When you create a shipment in our system it generates a manifest that includes critical information to validate as hemp. State licenses, COA(s) (if applicable), and intended recipient information.

All of this information can be pulled up with a scan of a QR code on any smart phone.

While you could do this with B2C customers it was intended to help B2B commerce which typically have larger quantities.

  1. Click on “Create Shipment” and enter the information. The shipment is the group of items you are shipping. Think of it like a truck you are filling with boxes.
  2. Click on “Add items to Shipment” and add the item you are shipping. For multiple items you’ll need to repeat this process
  3. Click “Save

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