Processor – Create Batch

Use this entry point to create a batch of whatever you are processing. Your process will dictate when you need to create a new batch. Examples of good times to start a new batch are:  Every day, as a new shift comes online, after the core product is used up, after a wash down of equipment, and as you change between raw materials.

  • Batch Create Date: This is the date/time associated with the batch you are working on. You can adjust this after the fact if needed. You can also have multiple batches working at the same time in the system.
  • Item: Select the item you are working on. This is the final product you are working for in this stage of your process.
  • Quantity: This is the method of how you measure your batches, numerically. For example: “100 Plants” the value would be “100”
  • Quantity UOM: (Unit of measurement) is what follows the numerical value. For example: “100 Plants” the value would be “Plants” You are welcome to use any unit of measure that applies to your particular process. Kg, ml, grams, tons, dozen, pounds, etc.

If you are uncertain of the final quantity you can come back and add this number later. Ex: If you are extracting Biomass you will know the yield after your extraction.

  • Sample ID: Select the Sample ID you either created or were assigned for the hemp material being added to the batch. 
  • Batch ID: This is how you will identify the batch. This could be something as simple as a Julian Date or something unique to you and your team. Examples: Morning 7/22, 2459004.50000 (Julian Date for 6/4/2020), 7.22.Fred.CBD, and so on. It will be important to have your entire team using the same Batching formula long term.
  • Active Batch: If you are currently working with the batch leave this checked. When you are done working with the batch you’ll go back in and uncheck that box. That way you are only working on/seeing active batches in your drop downs.
  • Batch Notes: This could be anything relevant to your batching or that particular batch. These could include: “Delta 8 appears to be honey colored, not clear” or “Finding lots of seeds in the bag after it was dumped in”
  • Save: Always hit save before you navigate away from this screen.
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