COA – Add Lab

If you’re using a lab that is not represented in our system you’ll need to add it here.

  • Lab Name (minimum requirement): Enter the name of the lab as it appears on your COA. This is the only field that is required.  *Adding additional information below may mean greater connectivity to your Hemp Batch Tracker account in the future and save time later.
  • Lab Address/City/State/Zip: Enter the physical address of the lab. This is typically present on the COA.
  • Lab License: If your lab has a state/federal license enter that information here. If your lab has a license it should be found on your COA.
  • Lab Phone Number: If you have a main phone number for the lab please enter it here.
  • Lab Email: If you have an email address for the lab other than a generic inbox to send sample paperwork please enter it here.
  • Lab Website: If your lab has a website please enter it here so others may connect to them down the line.
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