Why involve Law Enforcement at all?

The biggest hurdle hemp had to overcome was the legality of it. If a producer is found to be out of compliance law enforcement is the one who will be…enforcing it.

We also contacted law enforcement agencies to see where they were struggling with hemp. It turns out they were having the same issues with the legality as the producers, but from a different viewpoint.

Hemp Batch Tracker is a disinterested third party in the hemp space. We don’t make a penny on the sale of hemp. We are a software as a service company. We also aren’t a government agency so we can operate at a scale and speed they can’t.

Any producer who is legally producing hemp would much rather have law enforcement as an ally than an enemy. By involving Law Enforcement we build good will, help educate the legislature(s), provide transparency for the people who are anti-hemp, and generally get everyone on the same page.

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