Harvest Season

Harvest season is a busy time for everyone in hemp. The good news is you can add the data to Hemp Batch Tracker when its convenient to you.

Each state has a different order to the harvest process so the instructions below are trying to cover all the bases.

  1. You’ll need to send in a sample of hemp to a lab for your final COA. If your state has an inspector/collector that shows up you’ll want to document that visit as well as a note.
    • Log into Hemp Batch Tracker
    • COA Menu
      • Create Sample – Enter the information for your sample. If you are sending in multiple samples you’ll need to repeat this step.
      • Add Lab – If your lab isn’t on the drop down menu you’ll need to add them through this menu item.
      • Click “Save
  2. If your state issues you a temporary harvest permit you’ll need to add that as a note.
    • Farmer Tasks
      • Create a Note – Enter the information on the form and upload a copy of the document through the “Browse” button.
      • State Required Certification – If your state requires a permit to harvest click “yes
      • Click “Save
  3. When you harvest you’ll probably do it by sections, strains, or fields. Our system ties your harvest to a lot. You can do multiple harvests from the same lot so you can fit your methods and conditions.
    • Farmer Tasks
      • Create Harvest – Enter the information on the form.
        • Depending on how you harvest your hemp you may have a “start date” for the date/time or you may want to use the “finished date”. Either way works in our system but you’ll want to use the same measurement of time on all your harvests.
        • If you are doing a “start date” for harvest you will may want to leave the harvest quantity open if you’re note sure. You can go back and edit the quantity to match your actual yield.
      • Click “Save
  4. Now that you’ve harvested your hemp you’ll need to attach the “Official COA” so you can market and sell your hemp.
    • COA
      • Add Official COA – Enter the information on the form. The sample ID you sent to the lab should be in the drop down. If its not you’ll need to go back and Create Sample ID with the information on the COA.
      • The sample ID is tied to the lot you harvested. If you are harvesting multiple times from the same lot use the same sample ID.
    • Click “Save
  5. The final steps are regarding your shipping of the harvested hemp. Even if you’re vertically integrated you will want to “ship” the harvests to document the movement from farm to processing.
    • Farmer Tasks
      • Create Shipment – The easy way to think of this is as a trailer you’re loading up. The shipment is the trailer itself. When you fill out the fields you are creating a record of where the hemp started and where it is going. You can make a shipment as large or small as you’d like. You can make a shipment as large or small as you’d like.
      • Enter all the information into the fields about where you are shipping your hemp.
      • Shipment ID – This could be a trucking company manifest number or a tracking number provided by USPS/UPS/FEDEX. There may or may not even be a shipment ID based on how you are moving the product(s). Its highly encouraged that you put a shipment ID on everything you ship.
      • Images – Depending on the shipment you may want to take photos of the truck/trailer, box, container, etc. This helps prove any damage/tampering was done by the shipping company or other party in transit, not you.
      • Open Shipment – leave this box checked when you create the shipment. Once delivered you will uncheck this box in another view.
      • Click “Save
  6. Now that you have the shipment ready you’ll need to add items.
    • Farmer Tasks
      • Add Items to Shipment – These are the individual items that are being packed into the shipment.
        • You can add multiple items to a shipment. You will need to repeat this step for each item.
        • The harvest you select will tie the COA to the hemp.
    • Click “Save
  7. Once your shipment has arrived at the other end you will want to close out the shipment since its delivered.
    • Farmer Views
      • Open Shipments
      • Make sure you are toggled to “Open Shipments
      • Click “Edit Shipment
      • un-check the open shipment box
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