Planting – Transferring plants

Depending on how you cultivate hemp you may have started growing hemp from seeds or starts/clones. When you go to move them from where they started to another growing format you’ll want to document that change.

This could include moving them from trays to pots/bags or from indoor/greenhouse to outdoor lots. The key here is they are making a significant change to the plants environment that should have an impact on the growth.

  1. First double check how your farm is setup now. You’ll want to make sure the changes reflect the entire structure of your farm.
    • Farmer Views
      • Lots – This view will show you all the lots that are setup on your farm. Lots are tied to the fields so you’ll have an overall view of how your farm is currently configured.
  2. If your farm is configured correctly but the field or lot information has changed you can make those changes with the “Edit” button next to the lot.
  3. If you are changing the genetics on your farm you’ll want to make sure the seed type is in the drop down. If you do not see your seed genetics in the drop down please send us the data so we can add it ASAP. Form below
  4. When you’re ready to enter data on your planting you’ll want to enter the data as a note.
    • Farmer Tasks
      • Create Note – The notes could include things like seed depth, soil conditions, any soil prep you may have done, photos of the process, documenting equipment used/settings, seed specifics such as anticipated germination rate, spacing (if row planting), and more.
  5. If you feel something is worth documenting that is unique to your farm or your process, add it. There is no limit to what you can enter into the system. If you enter a data point that ultimately isn’t valuable its not going effect things negatively.
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