Farmer Tasks – Create a Note

Use this entry point to enter data into the system. This data entry is open ended so you can be as detailed or as simple as you want.

  • Lot Note Date/Time: The date/time the note is associated with. You can backdate the data if needed.
  • Lot: Select the lot that applies to that particular note. 
  • Note Image: If you want to attach a photo you can do so with the button on this field. We recommend using photos of decent quality and medium size. Larger files may cause the program to load slowly.
  • Lot Note: Enter the information you want to catalog. This could be an input like fertilizer or water, observations about growth, number of males pulled, notes about people who visited the farm, and more.  
  • State Required Certification: You will only need to select “Yes” when you are adding a document that is required by the state. For example: A temporary harvest certificate issued by the state inspector.
  • Save: Always hit save before you navigate away from this screen.

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