What data is shared?

We recognize the data being provided by users is vital to their business. So we’ve made sure to allow or restrict visibility of that data based on the needs of the viewer.

Users who generate content and data will always be able to see what they are generating. This is so you can make sure you’ve got the correct information in the system at all times.

Users who just need to access the data will have a “viewer license” they can see relevant elements of the data but not everything.

Law Enforcement will have a portal they can use to see chain of custody. This is done to help them make a better decision in the field. The sooner an officer can identify they are dealing with hemp rather than cannabis the easier the encounter will go. Of course if we are served a subpoena for information as part of a legal case we will comply as needed.

The data is not held as a collective pool of information. Throughout the process there are separate instances setup to help silo the information from one group to the next. This is done to provide a barrier that isolates sensitive data when applicable.

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