In the event you have any loss of product(s), theft, or damage to the crops or the farm you’ll want to document it. The reasons for documenting the incident(s) vary but you’ll want to have a record of the events that unfolded. This can help with a (future) legal case, insurance claim, or re-evaluation of your security measures.

  1. First you’ll want to access the overall situation. Your safety is paramount so don’t take unnecessary risks while documenting damage. Regardless of what event you’re documenting knowing the full extent of the incident will help.
  2. Once you have a general understanding of what happened you’ll want to begin documenting it. Depending on how extensive things are you may have a single entry or multiples in Hemp Batch Tracker.
  3. Once your logged into the system you’ll want to go to the “Create a Note” option and enter the information relevant to your storm damage.
    • Photos – Document any physical damage to plants, buildings, equipment, and (hopefully not) people or livestock.
    • Notes – As you survey the incident you may notice things that stand out. There isn’t a “bad note” with this kind of documentation so notate everything.
    • Documents – If you are given anything by insurance companies or police, you’ll want to upload a copy to Hemp Batch Tracker.
  4. Click “Save” when you’re finished with your note.
  5. Repeat as necessary to document all the damage.
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