Farmer Views – Lots

This is a general report that allows you to see the lots on your farm. These lots were generated by the team at Hemp Batch Tracker when you signed up. However, as these lots may change over the course of the growing season you can edit them as needed. 

Below are the fields that can be edited

  • Lot Year: Depending on where you are and how you are growing you may have crops that start in one year and continue into the next. As most state licenses are tied to an annual cycle indicating the lot year helps tie it to an annual state license.
  • Field Year: Depending on how you run your farm you may be doing crop rotation or rotating seeds, starts, clones, etc. The field year is also connected to your annual license.
  • Lot Name: This is how you refer to your lots. Common names are “Greenhouse 1” or “Lower Field”. You can break this down into smaller segments if needed. For example: “Row 1” for a greenhouse or “Row 10, Pots 3-8” for a research facility. Ultimately the lot size and name is dependent on how you intend to harvest plants.
  • Lot FSA Number: If you register your crops with the FSA this connects that information to your crop.
  • Lot Size: This is the method of how you measure your lot, numerically. For example: “100 Plants” the value would be “100”
  • Lot Size UOM: (Unit of measurement) is what follows the numerical value. For example: “100 Plants” the value would be “Plants” You are welcome to use acres/hectares, rows, plants, buckets, and so on. Depending on the lot and how you are cultivating it the values will vary.
  • Planting Method: This is the methodology on how you are planting for this particular lot.
  • Lot Seed: The seed type should have been setup when your instance was created. Seed providers can change so if your seed type isn’t present or you need to add a new seed to the list please email:
  • Lot Number of Seeds: Depending on how you plant hemp you may know to the exact seed or you may have a rough ballpark. Example: 50 – Fake Hemp CBG or 50,000 – Fake Hemp Fiber
  • Lot Grow Category: This indicates what you are growing the hemp for. Cannabinoid is a catch all for any of the specific profiles you may be cultivating for.
  • Lot Date Planted: This may vary based on how you plant/start the crop. Use the date that make the most sense to your growing method.
  • Sample ID: When you submit your final test for harvest you’ll want to match the Sample ID you sent in for a COA to the specific lot. 
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