Processor – Creating a Batch:

“Batches” is a relative term for the product(s) you may be producing. The best way to characterize this function is to find the point in your process that marks a meaningful change.

For Example: When you clean out our processing equipment that is a logical break point for a new batch. ~or~ When you switch from one farmers raw product to the next.

When and how you create your batches is up to you. We recommend doing at least a daily batch if not more often. If you should ever need to do a recall its better to (potentially) lose one day of production versus an entire week.

  1. Click on “Create a Batch” and fill out the form information.
    • The quantity can be blank for now as you may not know the actual quantity/yield of your process.
    • Sample ID would be the sample ID of the hemp product you’re using. If you don’t see the Sample ID listed then you need to enter that data under the COA menu items.
  2. Click “Save
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