Manufacturing License

When you’re making products for people to consume its important to track your data. Having the right data can make you stand out on the shelf, or protect you from catastrophic loss.


Consumers want to know whats in products more than ever. The “Farm to Table” movement shows that people are willing to pay a premium for products they trust. Hemp based products should have that same level of trust.


On the other side of the coin is the ability to recall product. If something made it into a batch of your product can you execute a recall with your current process? If you can’t provide a detailed recall list, the regulators will make you recall all of your product. This could spell financial ruin with all the lost product.


Hemp Batch Tracker’s Manufacturing License is specifically designed for people who take hemp and add it to food grade items. Sites like Amazon won’t carry food grade products unless they have tracking like this in place.


We made it easy to be compliant for hemp production, and ahead of the curve for food safety.

What you get with your license.


*Hemp & Non-Hemp
$ 7000
  • Annual Subscription
  • Hemp processing (Oil, Distillate, Isolate, Crude, Etc)
  • Non-Hemp Ingredients (Carrier Oil, Baked goods, Gummies, etc)
  • Landing Page for Marketing
  • Food Recall Protocols
  • Batch Notes & Photos
  • Batch Dispersion Tracking
  • COA's
  • Unofficial COA's
  • Shipping Information
  • Digital Copy of State License(s)
  • Sample Shipping Tracking

Do you only use hemp for your products? You might need a Processing License Instead!

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