Processor License

Hemp Batch Tracker was originally built with USDA, CDC, and FDA guidelines in mind. Rather than focus on strict inventory controls we focus on full traceability in the event of a recall.


Being able to accurately document and catalog the data your business generates can also help with GMP certification. If/When the FDA steps in and passes regulations you will have a read made solution that meets or exceeds the requirements for recall tracking.


If your farmers/suppliers are also on Hemp Batch Tracker we can provide seamless transition of data from one phase to the next. Even if your suppliers aren’t Hemp Batch Tracker users you’ll still be able to add value to your business through increased visibility into your operations.

What you get with your license.


*Hemp Only
$ 5000
  • Annual Subscription
  • Hemp ONLY processing (Oil, Distillate, Isolate, Crude, Etc)
  • Landing Page for Marketing
  • Batch Dispersion Tracking
  • Batch Notes & Photos
  • COA's
  • Unofficial COA's
  • Shipping Information
  • Digital Copy of State License(s)
  • Data Handoff to Manufacturer
  • Sample Shipping Tracking

Do you add Non-Hemp Ingredients into your products? You might need a Manufacturing License!

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