COA – Add Official COA

This is the final COA that will be tied to your product as it goes forward. This could be a state provided COA or the COA from the lab that does your testing. Regardless of where the COA comes from, this will be the representative analysis of your sample.

  • Sample ID: Select the Sample ID you either created or were assigned for the material being tested. 
  • COA Image: Attach the digital copy of your COA. This is the COA that will be tied to your final product.
  • COA Create Date: On your COA there will be an indicator of when the Lab completed the sample or when it was accepted. 
  • Cannabinoids: Enter the values for the different Cannabinoids present in your sample. If there is a value that is missing that you are specifically cultivating for, send an email to  If you have a Non-Detect value enter a “0”. With any items that were not present on your test leave them blank.
  • Potential THC/CBD: Enter the values for both your THC and CBD
  • Save: Always hit save before you navigate away from this screen.
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