State & Law Enforcement Licenses

We recognize the challenges faced by both State Agencies and Law Enforcement. Complications on different state laws for hemp as well as medical/recreational cannabis states can muddy the waters even more.


As a software company we understand the value of the data and how it can help ease concerns over hemp. Access to the data for compliance checks as well as validation of information not only streamlines agency efforts, but helps support compliant farmers as well. This mutually beneficial use of data is the cornerstone of what we provide to both state agencies and law enforcement.

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Hemp Batch Tracker is paid for by the users of the system.

There is no need to use tax dollars to pay for this software.

Both State Agencies and Law Enforcement are running reports on our platform. These reports do not interfere with production nor do they slow down the system.


Because of this, there is no cost to our platform to these agencies. If you are in a situation where this type of software is not able to be utilized without payment, we offer a $1 per year license.


State Agency

*Data Services Provided by our Parent Company Contemporary Analysis, LLC.

Law Enforcement

**Requires Subpoena

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