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Hemp is a challenging field to navigate for Government agencies. Unlike any other crop in the US Agricultural landscape Hemp is both hero and villain.

Hemp as a crop is no different than corn or even soybeans. Its grown for a specific end use and fits growing requirements of most states. However, if that crop isn’t properly monitored, it (technically) becomes a Schedule I narcotic under Federal law.


Even in states where marijuana is legal, the taxation differences between hemp and cannabis are night and day different.


Because this is a hot button and a legal quandary government is stuck in the middle.

Luckily, Hemp Batch Tracker was specifically designed to live in the middle of these two worlds. The first version of our solution was designed to meet and exceed the needs of USDA manufacturing requirements. We also met or exceeded the FDA and CDC requirements for recall protocol.


Hemp Batch Tracker also provides a law enforcement portal to support the efforts of the men and women in blue. Hemp is fairly innocuous where illegal marijuana can be fraught with danger. We recognized the need to quickly access the situation could potentially save lives.


Our goal from the very beginning was to be an advocate for the Hemp community while being the voice of reason for legislation. We are educators and innovators who sit at the crossroads between these two worlds.


Hemp Batch Tracker provides transparency to ease the concerns of the voting public who may or may not understand hemp. By proactively working with government agencies we can build best practices that benefit everyone involved.


By designing a robust system for the users we can provide that transparency without being obstructive to daily operations. Legal hemp producers need a method of providing reporting that doesn’t “gum up the works”.


Hemp Batch Tracker is that mix of easy use for producers, transparency for legislation, and participation with enforcement. Everyone wins when they are on the Hemp Batch Tracker solution.

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