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We recognize not every business model will fit these forms, especially in hemp. The forms should mirror what you see for a state license and/or a financial institution application.


Fill out what you can and if you’ve got questions Contact Us.


Every sign up is validated by our team first, so there is very little danger of “getting it wrong”.

Processor Application
Who is the named person who will be in control of this account going forward. (can be changed later)
*would include your DBA
*may be same as business name in some cases
*Include area code
*Used for communication and updates if needed.
Please list a physical address for your business. *We will not mail you anything this is just part of the verification process.
“No Website” if you do not have a website
How many COA’s do you anticipate generating in the course of a year? This varies based on the business model and the products you’re processing.
If you have any additional information or need to clarify anything above let us know.
I have read the terms and conditions Subscription Agreement *

Thank You

Our team will review your information and reach out to you to finish setting up the account details. Depending on the case load and time of year this may take up to a week. If we have any questions about your business model or your needs, we’ll reach out. If you have additional information or just want to check in, Contact Us

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