It all began with a Data Science consulting company in Omaha NE. Contemporary Analysis got a phone call from a previous client on the Fortune 500 list. (name withheld due to non-disclosure agreement)


They had just acquired a large group of co-manufacturing plants. The food industry has a lot of protocol and procedure in place to meet with regulations.


Our client had a large problem surface during the acquisition. These co-manufacturing plants were making their products, as well as other companies products. For liability reasons they cannot mix data sets.

The internal team was contacted and brought up to speed on the situation. They also had a large price tag and a delay in production as they were working through a backlog.

It was then our client contacted CAN and asked for our help. Before we got started we contacted other producers. This was a problem for not only them but for other companies as well.

Nathan Watson, President of Contemporary Analysis, had an idea. We would build the tracking software for them, but we (CAN) would retain the intellectual property (IP).

In exchange for taking on the project our client agreed to be the first client on the new solution.

It was at this time CAN brought on Justin Trowbridge to be the Business Development Officer. As Justin developed the marketing pieces for Inventory Batch Tracker he started running through use cases. (Justin left the company in 2022)

In that process he remembered a conversation with a friend and client about a nightmare situation involving CBD and Fentanyl contamination in Mississippi. 

The whole nightmare could have been avoided with a batch recall, but there wasn’t one in place.

From there the team at CAN went to work i much the same way they validated the idea for Inventory Batch Tracker. It turns out there was no tracking solution for Hemp so they were pioneers.

After validating the original solution could be adapted with Gordon Summers, Lead Data Scientist for CAN, they set out to build Hemp Batch Tracker.

The team quickly realized they were on to something as they talked to industry professionals. Almost every time they turned a corner they found another person who agreed this was the bottleneck in Hemp.

Hemp Batch Tracker was built from day one to service the needs of the hemp producers as well as states to work with hemp long term.

Our Family of Companies

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) specializes in: business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive data, data warehouses, database design, software design, and more.
The Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA) is owned and operated by CAN. This is the training branch of our Data Science services. The ODSA is accredited in the state of Nebraska and can train people in all things data science.
Inventory Batch Tracker is a no frills inventory tracking system. We built the system to be mobile friendly and allow for flexibility within the manufacturing process(es).
Hemp Batch Tracker was built from the requirements, core elements, and lessons learned from Inventory Batch Tracker.
As we built out Hemp Batch Tracker we were approached by a friend who had a need to track training, equipment, and round count on firearms. We adapted the software and developed Range Trackr.
Food Checkr takes a lot of the tracking features found in our other solutions and adds a rule logic to it. Designed to help daycare facilities get reimbursed through the USDA Food Checkr is a joint effort with our friends at Appsky Labs
Because we understand data and build our solutions the right way, we are branching out with other solutions even now. Want to “bird dog” an industry that needs our expertise? Contact Us
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