What license do you need?

We structured our licenses to follow the flow of hemp from farm to consumer. Licenses are designed to track hemp when its in your possession. Once you hand it off to someone else, it should be tracked on their license.

Follow the Hemp


If you’re cultivating hemp and then selling it off to someone else to process or retail it, you’re a farmer.


If you’re taking in raw hemp and converting it into another marketable version of hemp, you’re a processor.


If you’re adding non-hemp items to your product(s) you’ll want to track them as well. *Requires Processor License


If you’re not making any products but you are selling them to an end retailer. You only need to spot check COA info for your records.


Selling directly to the end consumer. Products that aren’t

Company A
Farmer License
Company B
Processor & Farmer License
Company C
Processor License
Company D
Processor & Manufacturer License
Company E
Manufacturing License
Company F
Manufacturing License
Company G
View Only License
Company H
View Only License
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