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Should You Track Hemp?

With every major industry on the planet there is a tracking element to one degree or another. While you may not be required to track hemp by law, the benefits more than pay for themselves. We built Hemp Batch Tracker to fit the needs of hemp production without making you a software expert in the process.

  • Industry Regulations and Standards

    Any industry that generates tax dollars will have some kind of oversight and regulation. The oversight for industries like food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and even cannabis are all tracking product. Groups like the FDA, CDC, USDA,FSIS, DOL, and even OSHA have detailed record keeping and documentation as part of their guidelines.

  • Premium Product Claims

    Being able to claim a product is "Certified Organic" or "Non-GMO" requires additional documentation to a higher degree than typical food production. As consumers gain access to greater data sets they will want validation of these claims. Brands that cannot substantiate these claims have a PR nightmare on their hands.

  • Product Recall

    Recalls can be the end of a company. Poorly executed recalls can permanently ruin brand reputation or financially bankrupt a supplier. In the event of a recall detailed records will mean the difference between recalling a single pallet of "bad product" or recalling 6 months of stock and truckloads of goods that must be destroyed. Successful recalls on a smaller scale can be used to show a brands integrity and customer first mentality. In one case a recall lead to a company being bought out for pennies on the dollar by their competitor. Read the article.

  • Current Record Keeping

    In our home State of Nebraska hemp farmers are required to keep and maintain 21 records for at least 5 years. The inability to find a hard copy of these records could have serious consequences in an audit. These requirements can compound with larger operations, multiple farms/lots, and changing industry regulations.

  • Complexity of Hemp

    Hemp isn't a single path to the consumer. Being able to provide data to support tens of thousands of end products will be vital in a competitive market. Raw Material and Ingredient Certification will apply to hemp derived goods down the line. Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) for example, screens ingredients for over 495 chemicals that are banned in different capacities. While THC in hemp may not be problem, something else in the mix may be the culprit.

  • GMP practices

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as outlined by CFR Title 21 is becoming more and more prevalent for hemp. The GMP certification stamp shows you're above board and following practices that protect your consumers. Hemp has been plagued with bad actors who are trying to make a quick buck. Tracking for GMP eliminates the doubt often found in working relationships in hemp.

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