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Hemp Batch Tracker Application - Manufacturer Items

General Information

Manufacturer Items

Below you will have the ability to input the items associated with your operation. If you have a significant number of items you can use a spreadsheet option to send to our team later. Email Us

You can edit these later if you don't have all the information at hand.
Enter the name of the item you are creating. This will be used to build batches on later inside of Hemp Batch Tracker
Are you the processor of this item?
YES = You handle the raw materials to the finished product

NO = Another processor created this product and you're reselling it.
Only fill this out if you're reselling a processed item.
Enter the designated GTIN or UPC code for the item.
What kind of product is this?
Numeric Value Only
What is the unit of measure?
How do you quantify this item?
Is this item marketed as Organic?

Additional Items

You may or may not have additional documents you'd like to upload. You can do this later if needed, or not at all. We offer it as a digital portfolio for any of your documents you'd like to keep a copy of here.
Do you have additional documents to upload?
"Additional Documents" might include: Certified Organic, State R&D Permits, Seed Labeling License, etc.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
"Additional Documents" might include: Certified Organic, State R&D Permits, Seed Labeling License, etc.

These documents will be added to your Hemp Batch Tracker account so you have a digital record of them if needed.
Do you have additional comments or questions?
If you've got something that you feel like is missing or didn't get covered in the other pages please let us know. Our teams review each application so this is a great time to let us know more about your business.
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