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Hemp Batch Tracker has tasked ourselves with a difficult challenge. With the rapid growth of the hemp industry post 2018 the need for meteoric growth is par for the course.


In our early phase we’ve been very lucky to have our parent company, Contemporary Analysis, LLC, to bring the expertise, technology, and manpower to build our solution.


Going forward we recognize the need for additional resources, partners, and of course capital to grow at the rate our industry requires.

Our Solution

  • Built Right

    We built our system to be data driven with a robust back end. With attention to data we can adjust the front end reporting to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Solid data means no costly tear down and reworking on future updates.

  • Cloud Based

    Using the global reach of the cloud our system doesn't require any additional hardware to run. Users gain access to an encrypted cloud based web portal to upload and manage data.

  • Built to Grow

    Each license is a different segment in the hemp life cycle. As the industry continues to diversify data can be added and shared to these emerging sections. Without the constraints of blockchain we can adapt quickly to industry/regulatory changes without a costly reworking of the core system.

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