Hemp farming is both challenging and rewarding. The challenge with hemp is that even though the crop has been around for centuries, there isn’t any data. Unlike crops like corn, beans, or even cotton there is no historical data on strain performance.


Without a public dataset you have to keep those records yourself. Without them you will constantly be “shooting from the hip” with your grow.


We made it simple to start tracking your hemp for better production year over year. Because you’re tracking the data you’ll be able to prove the quality of your crop in the competitive market. The ability to cleanly deliver data to buyers will help you stand out.


With our end to end system you can even connect to the consumer. With the scan of a QR code you can configure Hemp Batch Tracker to link your farm, social media, and more to the person consuming your product in its final form. Truly linking you to the consumer in a digital record of farm to table.

What you get with your license.

Hemp Batch Tracker keeps all your documents at the tip of your fingers. You’ve able to securely store your State issued documents in one place. You can also add any other certifications you may have relevant to your farm. (Certified Organic, Certified Seed Labeler, Research Farm, Japanese Beetle Free, and more)


If and when you need those documents you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. You also don’t have to worry about someone else “losing” these critical documents at the worst possible time.

Unlike traditional crops there isn’t a 100+ year data set for hemp production. Farmers that track data year over year can make decisions based on data, not a gut feeling. Data will make you a better farmer with higher quality products in a competitive market.

You can add notes about inputs, fertilizer, damage, plant genetics, field issues, photos for marketing, inspections, and more. The system is designed to let you enter a quick note and get back to farming.

Hemp farming is hard enough…you don’t need to be a software expert as well. Hemp Batch Tracker lets you focus on making money rather than data entry.

Shipping your hemp can be nerve racking at times. Our software allows you to generate data rich tracking information to help avoid untimely seizure of product.


Our QR Code system allows law enforcement the ability to see licenses,chain of custody, COA’s, and recipients information for validation. This works for product at all stages and forms, even shipping samples to the lab.

Hemp Farming Made Easy

There is data everywhere on your hemp farm, you just don't think of it as "Data". With Hemp Batch Tracker we help you catalog the data so you can be a better farmer year over year.


Click on the photo below to see just some of the data you can collect and catalog with our platform.


$ 20

Per licensed acre
Per Month
  • Annual Subscription
  • Flower, Oil(s), Fiber, Grain, Genetics.
  • Digital Copy of State License
  • Digital Copy of Seed Certs
  • Seed Genetics Information
  • Field Notes & Photos
  • Harvest Certificates*
  • COA's
  • Unofficial COA's
  • Shipping Information
  • Data Handoff to Processor
  • Data can be shared anywhere
  • Sample Shipping Tracking
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