Hemp is as unique to US Agriculture as it is complex to manage. Until hemp was legalized crops were assumed to be what they were called. If you had a truck of corn on a scale, you assumed it was corn.


Hemp producers have to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have Hemp and not another crop. Is that a truckload of legal hemp? Or it it a truckload of Marijuana and a ticket to jail?


Hemp Batch Tracker recognized this was going to be a challenge early on. We developed our solution to give everyone involved in hemp cultivation data. Detailed records will be the key to any and all future regulations.

What you get with your license.

Farmers who use Hemp Batch Tracker will be able to centralize these records. Attach lab results, field notes, seed certifications, photos of product, and more.


With a click of a button a farmer will be able to provide a detailed report of their hemp compliance.

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