We built Hemp Batch Tracker to be data driven from the start. As the industry adapts and changes we can make adjustments to fit the needs of our customers.

We met or exceeded the requirements for a USDA regulated facility (food based) with CDC and FDA recalls. If/When the FDA enters our industry you’re already ahead of the curve with Hemp Batch Tracker!


We are the first and only hemp tracking solution that covers hemp from genetics all the way through to the end consumer. Hemp is more than just CBD, and we made sure our platform could handle whatever hemp innovation was next.

The Team

We come from the world of Data Science. We found our niche in the “Steel Toe Industries” and have over a decade working with agriculture, construction, logistics, and manufacturing. We’re basically “Ag Nerds” who found a home in hemp.

Why Track Hemp

Unlike other programs typically found in the Cannabis industry, we’re dedicated to recall control not inventory control. You don’t track hemp to prevent a black market, you track hemp to showcase quality and meet food safety needs as well as GMP guidelines.

License Types

We have several licenses to fit the different segments found in hemp. We listened to the industry and built a no-nonsense system on their feedback and an annual subscription. No additional equipment to buy and up front pricing, it’s designed to be easy at every step.

For Farmers

We know farmers have their hands full with growing hemp. So we built a system that helps them manage documents and data to help make data driven decisions.


Hemp Batch Tracker not only helps with the cultivation of hemp year over year but it can help you prove the value of your product in a competitive marketplace.

Multiple License Applications

From a single farm, to a vertically integrated operation we can help. Our licenses are designed to layer on top of each other. When you operate multiple licenses you get seamless data flow through your operation.


Multi-user access allows you to task people with their area of focus. If your role is farming it doesn’t make sense to see information about your processing operations. We make it easy to adapt our platform to fit your needs.

Multi license discounts apply to everything except our Manufacturing Add-on. For details or questions Contact Us.

For Processors & Manufacturers

Hemp processing can take many forms, from oil extraction to creating hempcrete we’ve got you covered. Hemp Batch Tracker works for any processing of raw hemp material.


Hemp has an ever growing list of products that can be produced from the plant. Regardless of what you’re doing with the plant, detailed record keeping can help you validate your business. Maybe you’re working towards GMP compliance or maybe you’re fearful of a recall. We have you covered with a robust data set that can be queried as needed.

No Additional Equipment Needed!

Access Hemp Batch Tracker from anywhere you have internet! Our cloud based program runs from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Because we don’t use RFID’s, you don’t need to worry about equipment that doesn’t fit the hemp model.

For details or questions Contact Us.


If you ask why we got into hemp the answer is pretty simple, we’re nerdy farm kids who saw the opportunity to build an industry. We come from a world of Data Science focused on Agriculture, Logistics, and Manufacturing. As we got deeper into the industry we realized we had found a home of people we want to work with on all levels.

nate watson



Strategy & Vision

gordon summers



Lead Developer

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