Slide Hemp Batch Tracker Origins Hemp tracking designed specifically for hemp We built Hemp Batch Tracker to be data driven from the start. As the industry changes and adapts we can make adjustments to fit the needs of our users.

We met or exceeded the requirements for a USDA regulated facility with FDA and CDC recalls on the first go around. We're ready for whatever the industry brings our way.
We are Hemp Advocates We Are hemp
We are Hemp tracking
date_range 2019 Company
600% Industry Growth
17,000 Licenses within 1 year
of Federal Legalization
50,000+ Products derived
from hemp

U.S. Hemp by the numbers date_range 2018 Farm Bill Passes 78,146 Acres of hemp 2018 511,442 Acres of hemp 2019 1,000,000+ Potential Acres in 2020

Slide About Hemp Batch Tracker
key features We built our system to meet or exceed the (future) requirements for hemp tracking. We took over a decade of Data Science experience and built a system specifically for the hemp industry and its many variables. With annual subscriptions an no additional equipment to buy, we made it easy to track hemp. the team behind our platform We come from the world of Data Science. We found our niche in the "Steel toe industries" and have over a decade working with agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. We're basically "Ag Nerds" Learn More why track hemp? Future regulations will require a clear chain of custody. It already happens in every other regulated industry. We can help you follow GMP guidelines now, and drive value down the line. Learn More license types We offer several licenses to fit the different segments in hemp production. We listened to our customers and built a no-nonsense style model based on an annual subscription. Learn More

Access your data anywhere. CLOUD BASED,
If you've got internet access you've got access to Hemp Batch Tracker. We built our system data heavy to allow rapid updates for changes in legislation and requirements of hemp tracking.

Slide License Options All of our licenses are based on annual subscriptions. There is no additional equipment to buy from us either.

We can support a single hobby farm to a global vertically integrated facility. The technology is the same, its just a question of what access you need to succeed with hemp.
Farmer License The farmer license is based on your state license to grow hemp. We charge per acre on an annual subscription. You'll be able to track records, add notes, take photos, and more. Full details can be found HERE Processor Licenses We have 2 kinds of licenses for processors. One is FREE but requires your farmer to own a license. Processor Pro allows you to own the farmer licenses. This is helpful with contracts and streamlined data flow. See which one fits your model HERE Manufacturing Licenses Depending on the business model you may have a fairly simple tracking need or an incredibly complex one. We offer several tiers of manufacturing licenses to help meet the wide range of needs. Learn more about these licenses HERE Lab & Testing License Labs are vital to the long term success of hemp. So, we provide licenses to labs for FREE. This allows a direct upload to a digital chain of custody. Streamlined delivery and third party validation of your data. Learn how we can help HERE View Only License Sometimes you just need to validate the data being provided. We offer a free, limited access, view only license for businesses who need to validate but not add to the data set. See what you can do with this license HERE State & Law Enforcement We provide a FREE license to both state agencies and law enforcement. Our goal is to provide detailed records validating legal hemp and help make more informed decisions in the future about our industry. Learn about this license

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Slide Our Team Team Hemp Batch Tracker We're data scientists, geologists, logistic specialists, farm kids, sales people, and more. We chose to work in hemp because we have a passion for technology in agriculture. Nate Watson Co-Founder
Strategy & Vision
Justin Trowbridge Co-Founder
Business Development
Gordon Summers Co-Founder
Lead Developer
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