Laboratory License

One of the critical elements for the future of Hemp is the lab results. As a lab or testing facility your results are just as important as your integrity.



With hemp the COA is a benchmark for success as well as a ticket to ride. Producers who know what they are doing will get stellar results and can demand a premium for their efforts.


“Bad Actors” will falsify or manipulate your reports to pass non-compliant product into the market. The damage done by falsified reports can be difficult to overcome.


When we built Hemp Batch Tracker we understood the inherent value of these results. Good or bad, they are an important element to track with the products. As “data people” we know first hand how impartial data can be, and that’s a good thing.

By centralizing the results to our platform there is now an independent third party in the mix. We don’t care what the results show, its just a data point for us. Anyone who needs to access that report will see it in its unaltered state.


Hemp Batch Tracker is vital in the accurate reporting and recall of testing that will be a cornerstone for regulations.

Laboratory Inventory Management Software (LIMS)

*May not apply in all states

Available January 2021

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