Complete your Farm Setup for Hemp Batch Tracker

When you filled out your application for a Farm License you opted to complete this step later. Your account won’t be setup until you complete this form.

Hemp Batch Tracker Application - Farmer

Farm Details - Field Setup

Depending on the size and layout of your operation you may only have one field. Larger operations may have several fields.

*If your field consists of several types of hemp, you'll want to add them as lots in the segment below.
What do you call the field or how do you refer to it on your property?
*This may or may not be required in your state
*This may or may not be required in your state
Numeric value of the measurement. Greenhouse Minimum is 1 acre.
You may or may not have an FSA number for this field
How would you classify this location?

Farm Lot Setup

If you have selected a Farm License you will see options here. If you're a processor select "Next" on the bottom as you have no farm lots to setup.
Are your Fields Divided into Lots?

Lot Setup

Depending on your operation you may have as few as 1 of these lots or you may have several. Lots may also be part of your licensing requirements for your state. When you enter notes into Hemp Batch Tracker it is based on the specific lot.
If you have multiple lots in your field/greenhouse you can segment them out here. If you have only one lot per field/greenhouse it will be the same as the field.
What is this hemp being grown for?
Numeric value of how you measure the size of your lot.
What is the name of the strain in this lot?
Where did you get your genetics from?
*Cannabinoid growers may have a specific number, Fiber/Grain growers may have estimated numbers.
What is the approximate date for these plants?
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
If you are using certified seed you can upload the seed certificate here. You may add this later if you prefer.

Additional Items

You may or may not have additional documents you'd like to upload. You can do this later if needed, or not at all. We offer it as a digital portfolio for any of your documents you'd like to keep a copy of here.
Do you have additional documents to upload?
"Additional Documents" might include: Certified Organic, State R&D Permits, Seed Labeling License, etc.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
"Additional Documents" might include: Certified Organic, State R&D Permits, Seed Labeling License, etc.

These documents will be added to your Hemp Batch Tracker account so you have a digital record of them if needed.
Do you have additional comments or questions?
If you've got something that you feel like is missing or didn't get covered in the other pages please let us know. Our teams review each application so this is a great time to let us know more about your business.
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