The Hemp Paradox: Are you transporting legal or illegal product?

Hemp is a unique crop for US Agriculture. If you think about corn producers they just grow a crop and sell it. At no point along the line are they threatened with legal action if they can’t prove its not soy beans. And not at face value either! They need to prove its corn with licenses, certificates, chain of custody, and more.

That is the hemp paradox. Unlike other crops people assume you’re growing cannabis until you can prove otherwise. This is especially difficult for law enforcement. They are looking for people who are breaking the law not people who are running a legitimate business.

Law Enforcement has a rough job. If you pull over a truck transporting plant matter you’re either dealing with hemp or cannabis. If you’re in a state where cannabis isn’t legal yet you could be dealing with a dangerous criminal element. Illegal marijuana is a lucrative business and a truckload could represent millions of dollars.

Compound the situation with the lack of ability to test in the field. A traffic stop for illegal marijuana could lead to a shootout or even worse. The last thing you want to do is lower your guard until you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, its safe. At the very least its a mountain of paperwork to handle.

So to minimize the danger while doing their due diligence its easier and safer to confiscate and detain until all is clear. While this may be a safe way to do things, its counter productive to getting your legal product to market.

An article in the New York Post highlights such an incident. What was, at first, considered a massive drug bust was legal CBD. Read the full article here. The company had all the necessary documentation for their product, but a lack of understanding from a delivery driver caused the issue.

At Hemp Batch Tracker we are hoping to reduce or eliminate the stress involved with encounters with law enforcement. Our system allows quick and easy referencing of all the chain of custody documents needed to prove your product is Hemp. By cooperating with law enforcement from day 1 we hope to build a newfound trust between producers and regulators.

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