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Hello Howdy Buenas Dias Hi Sup Bonjour Wasssaaa What's up? Hey Hi-ya Whats the Craic?

Thank you for scanning one of our stickers! We give them to some “fun” people so you’ll have to let us know where you found it! We can only imagine where they put it!

We are a hemp tracking software that is designed to help companies drive value at every stage. Traditional “Seed to Sale” and “Track and Trace” companies are focused on the strict inventory control of product. We are focused on the recall of data and how it can be used to make better data driven decisions.


We’d love an opportunity to talk to you about how we can help your specific operation. Please fill out the contact form below or feel free to check out our website first.

We gave these out to a bunch of people and we’re genuinely curious where they ended up.

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