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Hemp Batch Tracker is a third party software solution that helps users track all their required documents for hemp production.


Depending on the business model of the user we catalog a wide range of information. We also provide access to that information, when needed, to various companies and agencies.


Below you will find several tabs that cover “next steps” for your given situation.

We’re here to help and you’re always welcome to contact us directly.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Shipping Company
  • Receiving Company
  • Processor/Extractor
  • Lab/Testing Facility

This shipment is digitally tracked by Hemp Batch Tracker. We are a third party tracking software that can provide your agency with all the documentation required for this product.


Depending on their business model our users have on file:


– State Licenses

– Certificates of Analysis (COA)

– Shipping information/Manifests (time and date stamped)

– Chain of Custody

The contents of this package are tracked with Hemp Batch Tracker. If you are asked to provide documentation about the hemp in this shipment we can provide detailed records as a third party vendor.


Law Enforcement has a portal they can use to see the required information for this shipment if your manifest and other documents are not enough or are missing.

This shipments documentation is tracked with Hemp Batch Tracker. We are a third party software system that tracks all the required documents for hemp production.


If the documentation is not physically present at time of delivery we can provide them digitally to you.


Please have your business manager or shipping manager contact us to get immediate access and to set up a license for future shipments from this supplier. or 800-XXX-XXXX (demo)

This shipment has digital tracking through Hemp Batch Tracker. If you’re a hemp processor who doesn’t already have our solution please contact us and we can show you how to add value to you processing facility.

We have a FREE version of the software so you have access to this shipments data.

Learn about our Processor Licenses. Or contact,

The lab results for this product are tracked by Hemp Batch Tracker. We provide our customers a digital storage option for their critical hemp documents. This includes lab/testing results for their products.

If you’re a lab who would like to start using our platform to help streamline the delivery of lab results, please contact us.

Labs get a FREE license to use our platform.

Learn about our Laboratory Licenses. Or contact,

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