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Unlike “traditional” crops Hemp begins to diverge into its end use in the field. A farmer growing hemp for CBD has a completely different setup than a farmer growing for fiber.


This is a challenge for most software solutions who track based on the “traditional” models of production. Hemp Batch Tracker was built with a solid data set first. This allows us to adapt and change the reporting to fit the needs of an incredibly diverse industry.


As a processor you may be taking in product direct from the field or second hand through another processor. Either way the records for that product need to remain in tact throughout the process at your facility.

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Hemp Batch Tracker allows you to track chain of custody from the moment it hits your doorstep. As you process hemp the documentation stays with the batch(es). You can also log where the hemp has (physically) been in your facility for even greater accountability.


When you hand off your final product(s) you’ll be able to provide detailed records to the buyer. These records help prove you’re a reputable processor and are providing high quality results.


Your deliverables need to be in line with regulations. The data we provide goes beyond a handshake and helps isolate you from liability.

We offer Licenses for Processors


FREE Requires farmers to
have Farmer License
  • Single User
  • Annual Subscription
  • Digital copy of State License*
  • Create Batches
  • COA's
  • Recieving Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Farmer Data Connection **
  • Data Handoff ***
  • Farmers Data is exclusive
  • Adding Farmer Data to system


$ 17
Per licensed acre
at farmer level
  • Multi User
  • Annual Subscription
  • Digital Copy of State License*
  • Create Batches
  • COA's
  • Recieving Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Data Handoff **
  • Farmer Data Auto-Imports
  • Farmers Data is Exclusive
  • Can Add Farmers with Hemp Batch Tracker
  • Can Add Farmer Level Data

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