If you’re reading this you’ve got one of our Doob Tubes and scanned the QR Code. We’re a hemp software company and, sadly, software is probably the LEAST exciting thing to see at a trade show! 


We also get lumped into the “Seed to Sale” category and thats not what we do. “Seed to Sale” as most people know it is full of RFID Tags, Nickel and Dime Pricing, and generally a pain in the ass. We’re built differently for a different purpose…making you money.


Hemp Batch Tracker is RECALL based software rather than strict INVENTORY CONTROL. We can help you do more with the data you’re already generating. This can lead you to more profits, less costly mistakes, and super easy compliance.


We invite you to check out our site and decide for yourself. The Hemp Industry is hard enough as it is. We designed a software that helps make it easier.

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