Justin Trowbridge added to NE Hemp Industries Association Board

Justin Trowbridge

The Nebraska Hemp Industries Association has added our Business Development Officer, Justin Trowbridge, to their board this week.

Trowbridge, who has an extensive background in connecting industries to technology, will be advising on the technology piece of hemp production.

Contrary to what many people think, Agriculture has gone high tech in recent years. The farms of today are light years beyond what was imagined even 20 years ago. As technology advances the data driven decisions that can be made increase by the minute.

In my lifetime, AG Tech went from “You can’t do that!” to “Why can’t you do that yet?”. And that’s pretty cool.

– Justin Trowbridge

As the Business Development Officer for Contemporary Analysis, a data science consulting firm and parent company to Hemp Batch Tracker, he sits at the crossroads of agriculture and technology.

As we (Hemp Batch Tracker) move forward we’re excited to be a part of the educational component of Hemp in our home state.

To learn more about the Nebraska Hemp Industries Association or to see who else is on the board visit their website: www.nehia.org/board

Nebraska Hemp Industries Association

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