In their first year, U.S. hemp farmers struggle with bad weather, mold, inexperience

In the article “In their first year, U.S. hemp farmers struggle with bad weather, mold, inexperience” by Sophie Quinton and April Simpson, Stateline/Pew covered a topic that we are uniquely able to solve. Yes there is a glut of hemp this year, mainly because the infrastructure isn’t in place to handle processing.

Add to that the ability for the processors to pick and choose who they want to buy from and you’ve got a bottleneck. Hemp Batch Tracker gives farmers a new bargaining chip…hard data.

According to the laws of supply and demand Hemp is in the midst of a shift. High supply of raw material, low demand at the processor level (from capacity limits) and a high demand on the consumer level. In an environment like that you need something that makes your offering stand out.

When you track your hemp though Hemp Batch Tracker you have an advantage when you sell it. A processor will want quality hemp when they are spoiled for choice. With our solution you can prove your hemp is disease/mold free and compliant with all the regulations. One simple report gives your buyer all the data in a level of detail that your competitor is hard pressed to match.

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