Hemp & LEGO

As a kid almost everyone has played with Lego’s. As a parent almost everyone has stepped on one in the middle of the night. With the latest announcement from The Lego Group at least that is going to be an environmentally friendly pain in your foot.

Lego is such an influence on the Danish culture even the architecture gets a Lego feel by default. Since 1932 the little bricks have been fostering creativity and occupying the minds of millions of kids. (Your author included)

With billions of bricks in circulation Lego has a footprint on the environment. The bricks have all been petroleum based for decades. Because this isn’t a viable strategy into the next several decades a pivot needed to happen.

With the growing use of hemp based plastics it was a matter of time before someone adopted it as a mainstream solution. Lego embraced Hemp and is making strides to be all in on hemp bricks by 2030.

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