Hemp Batch Tracker supporting Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Our friends over at the Nebraska Sorghum Board invited us to a Future Farmers of America fund raising lunch. With a good meal and great company on the menu we were happy to go.

As hemp continues to grow the farmers of today will turn to the farmers of tomorrow to be successful. Hemp is unlike any other crop grown in the US. Federally legal, quasi legal at the state level, and producers are required to prove its not something else at every turn.

Imagine asking to see lab results on a bushel of corn every time it changed hands. Hemp farmers will need tracking like ours to keep on top of things and remain compliant.

The Future Farmers of America does a phenomenal job teaching kids how to be successful in agriculture. Farming is becoming a high tech high stakes game and technology is leading the charge. We’re excited to be a part of a growing industry that embraces technology early on.

At Hemp Batch Tracker we’re here to be an advocate for the farmer and a voice of reason for the legislation. Our goal is to help everyone win with hemp.

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