1 Billion in Cannabis or Hemp field that tested hot?

Kern County Sheriff’s Department searched a hemp field in Bakersfield California on Oct 25th 2019.

During their search of the hemp fields they found over 10 million marijuana plants. The search was conducted with the FBI and Department of Fish & Wildlife.

The investigation noted the legal limit for hemp THC content (.3%) and that these fields were over that limit. The investigation is ongoing so they did not disclose what the actual THC level was.

The disturbing part of this story is how it was represented as a $1 billion dollar black market value. The photos appear to be a fiber hemp grow in plain view of the world.

Hemp is going to have a rough time until there is a methodology to the process. Our goal at Hemp Batch Tracker is to provide the needed documentation to help these stories remain in check.

This field could have easily tested .31% and therefore been over the hemp limit. But because of the numbers and the lack of understanding the figure was inflated to be sensational. Sensational stories sell advertising.

While a field testing “hot” can happen our hope is the documentation behind the production will help demonstrate biological error and not malicious intent. Hemp Batch Tracker will never be a “get out of jail free” solution nor do we claim it to be. Instead we can provide detailed records of what our users have done to be in compliance throughout the process.

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