You just scanned a QR code on a sticker that was (probably) randomly placed somewhere on this earth. You…are a curious and brave person, so thank you for being you!


We are Hemp Batch Tracker, a hemp specific tracking solution. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp became Federally legal. Hemp is defined as Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. In other words, you can smoke pounds of hemp, and NOT get high.

Because Hemp and Marijuana/Cannabis look the same its difficult for legal hemp producers to prove its hemp. Our platform was designed to give the legal producers the data they need to prove its hemp through digital records.


We work with every stage of hemp in its life cycle.  We start the data set with the seed genetics and follow it through; farming, processing/extraction, manufacturing with other goods, transportation, lab testing, state agencies, law enforcement and the end consumer.


Our mission is to provide our industry with a data solution that will bridge gaps, find efficiencies, and generally support legal hemp production.


Unlike tracking solutions that are common to the Marijuana business we have a different focus. Marijuana tracking is concerned about eliminating the possibility of a black market product. So accounting for every ounce of product keeps the marijuana in the white market system.


Our platform is focused on the recall needs of products that aren’t regulated in a white market/black market format. If a kilo of hemp goes missing, there is low risk of a black market transaction. Inventory control models, like what is found in Marijuana, can’t execute detailed recalls of product quickly.


We can connect the lineage of the product all the way back to the genetics. If a single plant makes it into 400 different products, we can recall the data on the effected batches with a click of a button.

We gave these out to a bunch of people and we’re genuinely curious where they ended up.
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